Women over 200 pounds are celebrating their weight, proving beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

Curvy model Tabria Majors is encouraging women, like these two, to join her body-positive “200+” club on social media. (Photo: Twitter)

Curvy model and social media influencer Tabria Majors has been breaking beauty stereotypes since she started her career a few years ago. Most recently, Majors has inspired other women who, like her, weigh over 200 pounds to celebrate their beauty.

Majors tweeted a photo of herself at the beach, where she encouraged other women to join the “200+ club.” Her tweet prompted a response of over 2,000 people and racked up 70,000 likes.

She tells Yahoo Beauty, “I didn’t expect that post to garner as many responses as it did. Seeing so many women proudly showcasing their bodies despite weighing over 200 pounds made me incredibly happy.”

At 218 pounds, Majors says that the road to self-love and acceptance is not an easy one, but she affirms that it is possible.

“If you’re unable to change something about yourself, you can choose to accept it or allow it to consume you,” she says. “Body image issues are usually the product of societal standards that have been drilled into our heads, [but] society doesn’t determine your self-worth — you do.”

The 27-year-old created a place on Twitter for other women to be happy with their bodies at any weight. One of them is Nicole Rivera, 28, who despite battling stage IV colon cancer, found a moment of happiness seeing so many women her size appreciate their own beauty.

“I loved the celebration of women with larger bodies,” Rivera tells Yahoo Beauty. “I have been chubby my whole life, and my adult life I’ve always been over 200 pounds, even after I lost weight from my cancer treatment,” she says. “It took me many years to love my body. We all carry weight differently and a lot of us over 200 pounds are still very healthy and happy with our bodies.”

Another woman who answered Majors’ call to join the club is Gabrielle Rocheville. The 20-year-old is thankful for women like Majors who are representing a different kind of beauty.

“We need more ‘unconventional’ women in the media to show that everyone is different, that not everyone fits society’s standards, and that it’s OK if we don’t,” Rocheville told Yahoo Beauty.

And the Twitterverse couldn’t agree more with Majors’ “200+ Club” celebration.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t internet trolls who feel the need to comment. But Majors handles it well: “In life, you’re always going to be faced with opposition, and you can either sulk and self-loathe about it or take it in stride and try and use it to your advantage. I choose to do the latter.”

She adds: “People who are happy don’t have the time or motivation to bring other people down.”

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