Woman's Post of Dallas Policeman Clicking Selfie With His K9 Service Dog Goes Viral, He Responds With The Photos

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A Dallas police officer would have never thought goofing around with his service dog and clicking some fun pictures would make him to the headlines. But that is the power of social media where anything and everything has the potential to go viral. A woman spotted a police officer clicking selfies with his service dog at the Love Field airport. She took the pictures of them and posted them on a Facebook group called "Dogspotting Society". Since most of us perceive service dogs to be fierce and always alert, this lighter moment was loved by everyone on the group. When this post went so viral, officer Andre  Cloyd posted the selfies that he took with his dog, Zigi. Both the posts are now going viral and it one of the most wholesome content right now. Bestest Doggos Ever! Pictures of Service Dogs Attending Theatre Performance at Stratford Festival in Canada Has Netizens Cheering For Them.

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Gina Anzaldua Stevenson was going from the airport when she spotted Cloyd taking pictures with his K9. He was also showing each of their selfie to his dog and Gina managed to capture it in three pictures. She posted these pictures on a Facebook group where it garnered over 60,000 likes and 48,000 shares! Seeing so much love for Cloyd and his K9, he too decided to show the pictures that he'd taken. He released the selfies in the same group and everyone greeted them with the same amount of love. Training Service Dogs Took a Trip to Disneyland and the Pictures are the Cutest Thing You'll see Today.

Check Woman's Post About Police Officer Clicking Pics With His K9:

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Police officer takes photos with k9 (Photo Credits: Facebook)

People were loving it, to see the bond between the two. Someone called it, "The most wholesome content on the internet right now." With more love pouring in, Cloyd responded by sharing the pictures with the group. He released the selfies taken with his K9 Zigi and their photos went viral too.

Check Police Officer's Selfies With his K9:

Police officer selfies with K9 (Photo Credits: Facebook)

Cloyd's pictures have also got over 34,000 likes and over thousands of shares. Talking about the unknowingly achieved fame, Cloyd told NBC 5, "It was kind of cool that she shared it, and it was able to come full circle back to me. It was pretty cool to be part of something that big."

Here's His Post Thanking Everyone For The Love:

He mentioned that he stays away from his family so that day his mother had sent a picture on their family group and he too was doing the same. That is when Gina spotted them and now over tens of thousands of people have seen and loved their selfies. Well, we all love looking through dog pictures, don't we? He also added that Zigi and his other dog Bentley are his two kids.