Woman's disturbing find inside boot after stopping for petrol

A woman who went to investigate after noticing a light on in her boot when she stopped at a petrol station was shocked at what she found inside.

Police say the driver pulled up to a Shell petrol station in Millersville, in the US state of Tennessee, about 6.30am Tuesday (local time) when she discovered a woman who appeared to have been assaulted.

Shell petrol station manager Lee Kelly told local news station WTVF 5 the driver was startled and handed the woman from the boot some money to go inside to buy some food and a drink so she could calm down.

When they mystery woman from the boot exited the store, she reportedly panicked when she heard the driver was going to call the police and took off on foot.

The driver told police the woman claimed she had been assaulted and kidnapped.

The boot where the woman had been trapped (left), unbeknownst to the driver. The woman climbed from the boot and then purchased a drink (right) before fleeing when police were called. Source: Facebook/City of Millersville Police Dept

News station WKNY reports the two women were not know to each other and the driver told police she has no idea how the woman got into her boot.

The woman from the boot was later found safe in a parking lot 1.5 kilometres from the petrol station and taken to hospital.

Police are still trying to piece together the puzzle of how the woman ended up in the boot of a stranger’s car.

No charges have been laid and the investigation continues.

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