'There was blood everywhere': Woman's amazing find from dramatic final flight

In a serendipitous twist of fate, a meaningful memento from a woman’s final flight as an air hostess has found its way back to her, just over a year after she left the job she loved so much.

The final Primera Air flight from Billund Airport in Denmark to Chania in Greece was about as bad as they come, spiralling radically downwards after staff spotted blood spilling out from a bathroom.

Flight attendants had just been informed by their boss that they were currently working their final shift for the company when they smelt “something weird” and spotted “something dark and red on the floor”.

In a post to a Facebook group, one of the hostess’ explained that after knocking on the bathroom door and gaining entry, they found an elderly lady inside “bleeding all over the place”.

“It looked like someone was murdered in there. There was blood everywhere. Sink, mirror, floor, the whole nine. She was talking calmly and explained she had had surgery in her behind and it must have been that,” the post read.

The flight attendant was told while working that she was servicing her final Primera Air flight. Source: File/Getty Images

In an incredible coincidence a doctor on board the flight who came to assist knew the elderly lady by name because he had been in surgery during her operation.

The lady then told staff she had a letter saying it was not safe to fly within such close proximity to her operation, but she had not taken the warning seriously.

“(The) doctor told us he didn’t consider it life-threatening, but that she needed a hospital,” the woman wrote.

“We ended up diverting and got her with an ambulance and called for cleaning.”

Meanwhile, the airline broke the news on social media of its downfall, meaning the 180 passengers on the flight found out the news for themselves.

“We debated if we should turn back to Denmark. But agreed after talking to some of the passengers that we should continue our last flight and finish it,” the woman wrote.

After boarding everyone for the last time, staff handed out all the drinks and snacks and tried to enjoy their final emotional moments together.

“All our makeup was ruined, we took turns crying and got so many hugs and well wishes from the passengers. It was lovely really under the circumstances.”

The hostess was reunited with this food trolley - the same one she used on her final flight. Source: Facebook

When they arrived at their destination, the aircraft was seized and staff were told to say their goodbyes.

The crew had booked a hotel previous to the company’s collapse, so enjoyed a night together reminiscing over fond memories shared in the air over glasses of red wine.

Incredibly, a former colleague reached out to the woman recently telling her that he found a food trolley for sale in a second-hand store.

The trolley just so happened to be one of the ones on the woman’s very last Primera Air flight.

“Naturally it had to come home to me. A memory I will forever cherish,” she said.

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