I Want to Live in a Place Where a Woman’s Ability to Succeed Should Be a Basic Human Right, Says Priyanka Chopra at WEF

I Want to Live in a Place Where a Woman’s Ability to Succeed Should Be a Basic Human Right, Says Priyanka Chopra at WEF

“If countries invest in people, you create populations that other people want to invest in,” said actor and philanthropist Priyanka Chopra Jonas, addressing world leaders and billionaires at the World Economic Forum annual summit in Davos, Switzerland.

The Hollywood and Bollywood actor cited a development case of her home country India, which had 60 percent of world’s polio cases 11 years ago. “Five years later, evacuated. And that was because of massive campaigns that the government and almost 200 million volunteers – top down, bottom up – got together to make the change,” she added. 

On Instagram, Priyanka wrote that it is an incredible example of how citizen-led accountability is key to development. 

Priyanka, who is also a global UNICEF goodwill ambassador for child rights, spoke on how the world should be a kinder and better place for children. Citing that in countries like Nigeria, on an average, a family has about seven children born into poverty. Priyanka emphasised on the need to invest in their education, a better future where their dreams can be realised. 

“I would love to get to a place where my children – when I have them – can grow up where the world leaders have listened to Greta’s generation and paid attention to that generation”, she said, ‘where climate change is contained, if not averted’.

Greta Thunberg, the young climate activist from Sweden, also spoke at the meet and said that while urgency of climate change has garnered attention, ‘nothing has been done’ to solve the issue.

Priyanka concluded saying, “I want to live in a place where a woman’s ability to succeed should be a basic human right and not based on geography or chance.”

Hours ahead of speaking at the meet, Priyanka took to Instagram and urged her followers to create the progress they wish to see because ‘2030 is around the corner and time is running out’.

The 37-year-old actor, who has been associated with the UNICEF for over 13 years now, was awarded the Danny Kaye Humanitarian Award last year. Further, she dedicates 10 percent of everything she earns to her own non-governmental organisation (NGO) called Priyanka Chopra Foundation for Health and Education.