Woman Watching YouTube Video on How to Find Diamonds Finds 3.72-carat Diamond

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A family trip to a state park in the United States turned — quite literally — into a priceless experience for a woman.

27-year-old Texas resident Miranda Hollingshead was visiting the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas when she found a nearly four carat yellow diamond — just as she was watching a YouTube video on how to find diamonds.

Miranda and her siblings had been at the park, which allows visitors to look for diamonds in a designated 37.5-acre area according to CNN, for an hour when she “decided to take a break at the base of a hill.”

“I was sitting in the shade, watching a YouTube video on how to find diamonds. I looked over at my kid for a second, and when I looked down, I saw it mixed in with other rocks,” a press release issued by the park quoted her as saying.

"I shook my hand across it to make sure what it was, picked it up, and yelled across the field to my mom,'I think I got one!'" she said.

“Every diamond found at the park is beautiful in its own way, and this one is certainly no exception,” said Park Interpreter Waymon Cox.

Cox said Miranda may have to thank rain for her once-in-a-lifetime find.

"Much of the ground where Ms.Hollingshead found her diamond is made of unweathered volcanic rock. When it rains, flowing runoff often leaves loose gravel, and sometimes diamonds, on the surface in these areas," he said.

The 3.72 carat diamond— about the size of a pencil eraser— found by Miranda is the largest yellow diamond registered at the park since October 2013, when a visitor from Oklahoma City found one weighing 3.85 carats.

It is also the largest since March 2017, when a teenager found a 7.44 carat brown diamond, according to the park.

Last month, a Nebraska teacher had found a 2.12 carat diamond in the same park.

Visitors to the park have found 319 diamonds weighing a total of 63.49 carats this year, with 13 gems weighing at least one carat each.

The largest ever diamond to be found in the United States, weighing at 40.23 carats and named Uncle Sam, was also found at the Arkansas State Park in 1924.