Woman tries returning Amazon-purchased product directly to Jeff Bezos

Karan Sharma

What will you do if you are unable to return a Amazon product which you have purchased? Will you return it directly to the CEO of the company? You must be thinking this is crazy but it actually happened in the annual shareholders conference of Amazon. A woman tried returning her product directly to the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos in the conference.

The woman took the advantage of the open Q&A session with Bezos and tried returing her product. She is also a shareholder of the company. When this lady stood up and tried her luck to return the product, Bezos handled the situation calmly and with humour.

"My apologies that you had to use this unusual venue to accomplish what should have been a routine task. Anybody else have anything they need to return?" Bishop quoted Jeff Bezos as saying.
The conference was held at Seattle, San Francisco in the meeting the employees were gather to discuss issues like renewable energy and equal pay. Hope the lady got her product returned after this big step.

So next time if you feel that you are unable to return your product to Amazon, then you can directly ask it to the CEO.

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