Woman Threatens Cop, Accuses Him of Seeking Bribe & Mocks Him

This video of this woman talking rudely to a Delhi Police cop will make you so very angry. 

Delhi is a place where you hear ‘Tu jaanta nahi, mera baap kaun hai?’ quite often. And well, a video of a middle age woman gone viral proves just that. The video was shared on Twitter, where the woman can be seen threatening a cop for doing his job.

From the conversation, it seems that the argument took place because she parked in a ‘No Parking’ zone.

Main Supreme Court ke judge ki beti hu, samjhe? Abhi aukaad dikha du tujhe?,” the woman can be heard telling the cop.

But the misery of this Delhi Police cop doesn’t stop there. She accused him of bribing for his job in the police force and even called him a thief.

And if stopping him for doing his job wasn’t enough, she even went on to mock him for his stammering.