Woman stripped, assaulted on suspicion of being child lifter in West Bengal

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Woman stripped, assaulted on suspicion of being child lifter in West Bengal

The situation quickly escalated after Taramani Roy tied up the woman to the poll. As the woman had no way to escape, the mob beat her up inhumanly.

A 34-year-old mentally challenged woman was beaten mercilessly by public in Baroghoria village of Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal on a suspicion of being a child lifter.

In the video that went viral on social media, Taramani Roy, vice president of BJP Mahila Morch, is seen beating the victim. The incident took place after the mob caught a mentally imbalanced woman in front of BJP worker Naresh Roy's home in the Battala area of Baroghoria Panchayat.

On a suspicion of being a child lifter, the mob started beating the woman. Despite her cries for help, the mob did not let the woman go. The situation quickly escalated after Taramani Roy tied up the woman to the poll. As the woman had no way to escape, the mob beat her up inhumanly.

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Later, the police reached the spot and the situation was brought under control by rescuing the woman, who was in a severe condition. She was rushed to the Dhupguri Hospital.

"I was severely beaten. I have never stolen anything. I have not lifted any child. I bought chocolates for myself and ate it. Why will I lift child?" the woman said.

On the matter,Dhupguri Municipality's Vice Chairman Rajesh Kumar Singh slammed BJP by saying that the party is trying to create disturbance.

"It is the most shameful incident. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh said words like they will make widows in the families of TMC members. This is not a new thing for BJP. This is their culture. The incident happened in Baroghoria, is the proof of their words. The entire BJP unit is trying to create a disturbance by their campaign. Police has already filed a complaint. It is instructed to police that they have to arrest all the accused, " he said.

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"The incident took place under Taramoni Roy's leadership. All the CCTV footages are present there. The victim was naked and beaten suspecting that she is a child lifter. She was tied with an electric pole and beaten by the entire BJP unit. She is still admitted in the hospital. We will take necessary actions regarding this case. We will aware people about how to avoid rumours," he added.

The police have collected the video from the mob and registered a suo-moto case against many people including Taramani Roy and are currently investigating the case.

(with inputs from Rajen Pradhan)