A woman has spotted a mysterious 'UFO' near Area 51!

Nupur Jha
ufo, alien, Area 51, US,

YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

A woman, Maria Aldraquez, has claimed to have seen a mysterious craft in the skies over Rachel Nevada, near Area 51 — the infamous top secret US military base.

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Rachel is a town located in the southern Nevada desert, along what is known as the Extraterrestrial Highway — Hwy 375 —  where various UFOs have allegedly been spotted. 

The incident took place on March 22, 2015 around 3.30 am, when Aldraquez first saw the craft outside her home.

ufo, alien, Area 51, US,

YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

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It was radiant, and she first thought the craft was a drone, but soon realised that it possessed no drone-like qualities, such as wings and an engine; it was not even making the sounds drones usually do, alien hunter Tyler Glockner from SecureTeam10 revealed.

The woman claims she captured images of the UFO and then fell unconscious for around half-an-hour. She believes she was abducted after taking the images, and since the incident, Aldraquez has been suffering from severe migraines, which she says are incurable. 

ufo, alien, spotted, Area 51, US

YouTube screenshot / secureteam10

She also claims to have seen the same UFO hovering around her house on multiple occasions, but has stayed away from it. 

Her case has been submitted to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) by SecureTeam10 who did it on behalf of Aldraquez.

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