Woman spends a year completing 18,000-piece jigsaw puzzle - but there’s one very tiny problem

The massive jigsaw puzzle was mounted on a wall (Picture: Suckitupbuttercuplol/Reddit)

When someone has spent an entire year working on something, they can be forgiven for shouting from the rooftops when they have finally completed their task.

However, sometimes it pays to check that you’ve actually finished what you were doing.

A puzzle lover in the US is the talk of the internet after her husband posted an image of her in front of a massive 18,000-piece jigsaw, which she took 12 months to complete.

The image, posted by Reddit user Suckitupbuttercuplol, shows a woman with her arms outstretched in front of the huge jigsaw puzzle, a depiction of a tropical paradise.

However, eagle-eyed redditors spotted something wrong with the puzzle – it wasn’t finished.

Amid the huge jigsaw, which was mounted on to a wall, there was one piece missing.

The image came with the caption: “One year and 18,000 pieces later”.

While many Reddit users proclaimed the photo “amazing”, there were those who spotted the missing piece, located above the woman in the picture’s right shoulder.


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One user zoomed in to pick out the missing piece and then posted a picture on Reddit.

Suckitupbuttercuplol said: “My wife did the puzzle. I just built the frame and mounted it.”

He later explained that the missing piece had been eaten by the couple’s one-year-old child.

The missing piece (Picture: Suckitupbuttercuplol/Reddit)

The puzzle was put together in quarters and wasn’t completely finished – or nearly finished – until it was mounted on the wall.

Suckitupbuttercuplol later amended the caption with the photo, changing it to: “One year and 18,000 pieces later… Ok 17,999”.

The image was later posted on Reddit’s “mildly infuriating” thread.

One Reddit user suggested the couple get in touch with the puzzle’s manufacturer, German company Ravensburger, and ask for a replacement piece to finally finish the jigsaw.

They wrote: “Ravensburger will often replace missing pieces if you get in contact and let them know which piece is missing.”

The company says customers can request replacement pieces.