Woman Shows Off Bartending Skills by Mixing Drinks in Toilet Seat, Leaves Internet Disturbed

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Ever since coronavirus broke out, people have been trying out extremely bizarre things to keep themselves busy at home. Ranging from unusual challenges,to making unique food items –the internet has seen it all in the last one year. Joining the league of absolutely bizarre things on the internet is a video which shows a woman making a drink in acommode. The clip as expected has garnered a variety of reactions ranging from some people being absolutely disgusted to some users mentioning how this can lead to severe infection.

The footage which was originally shared on a Facebook page named The Anna Show begins with a woman stuffing a t-shirt in the commode to soak the water. After that, she fills the entire seat with ice and adds two boxes of ice cream to it followed by a packet of candies. Then, in the empty flush tank, she is seen adding two packets of candies, a bottle of fruit punch, Sprite and Fanta. After putting everything, she pulls the flush and we see that the liquid of the tank comes in the toilet seat. The woman then takes glasses in which she puts the drink and serves to her guest.

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Even though the caption of the post clearly mentions the video has been made for entertainment purposes, people have not been able to keep calm. A person who claimed to be a plumber, commented saying, "I am a licensed plumber, and this is the nastiest thing you can do. No matter how much you clean it, it’s not made for this."

Many users opined that apart from being utterly unhygienic, this drink can lead to severe fatal diseases considering that there are too many bad bacterias on the toilet seat. One more user who was seemingly unhappy with the idea mentioned how kids who see the video might end up trying this at home as it looks unique.

The over two minutes video has been shared across social media platforms. As of now, on Twitter the clip has crossed over six million views.

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