Woman sends edited photo of flat tyre to escape work, has social media in splits

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The co-worker sharing the image online asked people to zoom in to see what had happened, but Tweeple said it was evident even from just one glance.

A woman's attempt to convince her boss that she couldn't get in to work because she had a flat tyre ended badly, with the image making her a laughing stock on social media.

The attempt backfired because neither the wheel nor the nail in the picture looked authentic. It sparked theories on social media that the woman was in such a rush that she took the first images of a tyre and a nail that she found on the internet and put them together.

A co-worker of the woman shared the image on Twitter:

While the original got plenty of laughs on the social media, others helpfully posted images of what tyres punctured by nails actually look like. Then came other edited images that people suggested could have been sent instead.