Woman Says Man Flashed Her on Delhi Metro, DMRC Asks Her to Call Helpline in Such Cases


Women who travel by the Delhi metro, or in fact, any public transport are all too familiar with acts of sexual harassment that get often dismissed as instances of micro-aggression. Be it men sitting on ladies seats and refusing to get up despite the obvious sign and even after being told, a subtle brush of a hand on the butt or a lingering presence of a pressing body from behind in a crowd, women live through many horrors every single day.

One such woman took to Twitter to share such an incident, where a man allegedly flashed his penis at her on the Delhi metro, in what appeared to be a relatively empty coach.

She shared a photo of the man, unsure of when she took it, saying that she was "numbed by the incident." The timestamp on the photo shows 6:11 PM and the location marked is Sultanpur water treatment plant, even though it was taken after the incident. The woman is also unsure of when the man got off the metro.

She detailed her narrative on Twitter, tagging Delhi Metro Rail Corporation and Delhi Police. She also added that the image was shared on Twitter "hours" after the incident happened.

The Delhi Metro Railway Corporation responded to her tweet, and while they did mention that they were taking looking into the matter, they also included that she should have been prompter so that swifter action could have taken place.

It just wasn't DMRC who appeared to be taking her request lightly. She shares as an update that she called the Women's helpline, who just redirected her to the Ghitorni police station.

Despite having designated seats for women in every coach as well as a designated women's only compartment on every single train, DMRC often faces complaints of sexual harassment. In June last year, a 29-year-old woman took to Twitter to share a similar account when a man allegedly masturbated in front of her at the Huda City Centre Metro Station complex in Gurugram.

As per a 2019 report in India Today, cases of sexual harassment of women on Delhi Metro was on the rise with many women complaining of lewd remarks, catcalls, and sexually abusive behaviour on trains or at stations.