Woman Reveals She Cried When Her Fiancé Proposed with the 'World's Ugliest Ring'

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Finding a perfect ring to propose to your partner is a very tricky job. A woman from Italy was proposed with a ring that has been dubbed as the “ugliest ring” in the world.

Anna Rose from Italy, who is the bride-to-be, has revealed she was reduced to tears when her fiance proposed her with the ring.

The strange ring has a silver mask and what appears to be a pursed-lip engraved on a gold band. Rose shared an image of the ring on a Facebook group and titled it ‘That's It, I'm Ring Shaming’.

Social media users dubbed it the "worst ring they'd seen in a long time" and came up with some rather hilarious comments.

"Is this some sort of optical illusion? I tried turning the phone a few different angles, but it's still hideous," wrote one. Another added: “I would cry too, this is awful.”

“What in the phantom of the opera is going on here,” said an user on the mask engraved on the ring.

There was one person who found similarity between the ring and Marvel comics character Iron Man. “Oh this is that new Marvel line of jewellery. This is the Iron Man band,” the comment read.

Others asked the woman if she said no to the proposal. “You didn't say no? That is a ring to say no to.” Another user said,   “I'd cry if someone tried to give me that! Hideous!”

The woman said she cried a lot when she received the ring. Nonetheless, she admitted that she said “yes” to the proposal and had worn the ring once.