Woman rescued after 19 hrs under rubble, however, her two kids perish

Mumbai: Nineteen hours after the Kesarbai building collapse, a 35-year-old woman was safely rescued by the Mumbai Fire Brigade (MFB) early on Wednesday.

But unfortunately, her sons, who had also been trapped with her, did not make it. Halimabano Mohammad Idrisi is currently in JJ Hospital, being treated for severe head, hand and leg injuries.

Doctors have said she is critical. “Her right arm is completely crushed as she was trapped for 19 hours. We might be forced to amputate her arm. After consulting her family, we will proceed,” he said.

Fire brigade officials said, around 1.30 am they had located her but it was impossible for them to rescue her as there were heavy iron beams which posed a hurdle.

“We had located them but it took four hours to remove the three of them. Had we removed the heavy iron beams immediately, they may have been killed, so we were proceeding very cautiously.

Around 5.30 am we removed all the debris but it was too late for the two children with Halimabano. Her condition was serious, so we immediately took her to the hospital,” said an official.

Halimabano had come to Mumbai two months ago with her sons, Arbaaz and Shezhad, to spend time with her husband, Mohammad Rashid Idrisi, who works in the city.

On Tuesday morning, when the building collapsed, her husband had already left for work while she and her two children were inside the building when it came crashing down, around 11.30am.

Mohammad Sabir, her brother-in-law said, when he reached the site, there was complete chaos. “They tried to locate my sister-in-law and nephews.

Around 5.30am on Wednesday, the fire brigade personnel spotted all three of them trapped under the rubble. My sister-in-law has survived but my nephews have lost their lives,” he said.

Sabir added, “My sister-in-law and nephews live at her native place. As the children had holidays they had come to Mumbai to spend time with their father. But their picnic proved to be fatal.”