Woman Marries Herself after Breakup in US in an Act of 'Self-Love'

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Loving oneself can be an essential first step towards liking others and it seems one woman from the United States is taking that quite seriously. According to reports, a woman named Meg Taylor Morrison from Atlanta, Georgia was all set to marry her boyfriend on October 31, 2020, but an unexpected break up in June 2020 left her walking down the aisle towards her reflection in the mirror.

Although the life coach and business coach had an ‘amicable’ breakup in June of 2020, Meg had already made the wedding arrangements in Denver, Colorado. So, instead of cancelling the bookings, Meg decided to marry herself.

According to a report by Daily Mail, Meg decided that she did not need anyone else to go ahead with the wedding and came across the idea of self-marriage ceremonies. Meg went full throttle into the self-wedding ceremony and planned her special day for months, and even ordered a custom-made wedding cake, chose her perfect wedding dress and picked out a shining diamond ring.

The report mentions that there were times when Meg found her thoughts wavering and wondered if her friends and family would take her actions as some obsessive narcissistic personality trait or that she is going over the top with her not having a husband. Daily Mail reports that Meg’s mom was quite apprehensive in the beginning and thought that her daughter’s decision might come across as egotistical.

However, the report mentions that Meg’s major reason for marrying herself was to move on from trying to please other people and focus on prioritising herself instead.

Meg finally walked down the aisle as Here Comes the Bride played on kazoos by her flower girls as her guests blew bubbles and drank champagne. She also read out vows that she had written and accepted her own wedding ring and kissed herself in the mirror, promising to love herself, reports Daily Mail. Meg’s friends and family fed her the customised wedding cake, which was followed by dancing and eating Thai food.