Woman Who 'Married' Ghost of a 300-Year-Old Pirate Says He Tried to Kill Her for Breaking Up (Watch Wedding Video)

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A woman who married a ghost of a pirate a year ago has broken off from her relationship and she mentioned how the ghost tried to kill her instead. Amanda Teague has described the scary experience of what being married to a Jack Sparrow impersonator's ghost felt like. She is no more with him and has also sworn to stay off all the spiritual experiences. Sex With Ghost? UK Spiritual Counsellor is Dating a Ghost and Wants to Have His Baby.

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Practising spirituality for close to a decade, Amanda Teague from Northern Ireland communicated with spirits very often. While writing a book on 1700s era, she felt some kind of energy surround her. It was a 300-year-old pirate ghost. She communicated with him for about 6 months and confirmed it was a pirate spirit named Jack. They started dating and eventually she did get married to him in February 2016. They had 2 wedding ceremonies, one in Atlantica ocean! But it did not last long as the problems started soon enough. Teen Girl Wants to Marry Her Zombie Doll, Claims They Have Normal Intimate Relationship.

Watch Video of Amanda Teague's Marriage to 300-Year-Old Pirate Spirit:

Talking about the relationship she called it a disaster which took a toll on her health as well. "He showed a different side of himself and it wasn't nice. I realised he was using me as a host to drain her energy," she said in an interview. She tried to stop him but he did not. She thus decided to break it off when he threatened to kill her. Talking to Daily Star she said, "His reaction when I told him he had to leave was that he wasn’t going to. And that if I tried to have an exorcism and get rid of him, he was going to kill me." On finding no other option to get away from him, Teague did perform an exorcism in the month of December. After the horrific experience, she said that her health improved considerably.

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