Woman Licks Cop to Scare Him with Coronavirus After He Stops Her Car in Kolkata


In a bizarre incident, a woman in Kolkata heckled police officers and licked one of them on the face after they stopped her while she was allegedly on her way to the chemist.

The incident, which was caught on tape, took place in Kolkata's Salt Lake when the woman's chauffer-driven car was stopped by the cops. With the lockdown in place since last midnight and movement of private individuals restricted across the country, the cops had allegedly pulled the car over and asked the driver some questions, Times of India reported.

Meanwhile, the woman who was in the backseat alighted from the vehicle and started arguing with the cops. After an argument, the woman is caught on tape licking the police officer and even depositing some of her saliva on his uniform. "Now you will have it too," the woman can be heard screaming in the video, now viral on social media.

The enraged cops argued that they had stopped her and questioned as per routine under the lockdown. But the woman argued that the cops had harassed her and pushed her. The woman also claimed that she needed to go to a doctor as she lived alone and needed to take care of herself.

Nevertheless, at a time when the country is poised at the bring of a public health catastrophe with over 560 positive cases of coronavirus in the country, many on social media deemed the woman's action unjustifiable and irresponsible.

Police have been increasingly vigilant and active in maintaining the lockdown, which entered Day four in West Bengal on Wednesday. Videos of cops strictly removing pedestrians, bikers and rickshaw pullers off roads earlier went viral and even drew criticism on social media.