Woman kills husband, buries him inside house in Madhya Pradesh

Anuppur (Madhya Pradesh) [India], Nov 22 (ANI): A woman in Madhya Pradesh's Anuppur district has been accused of killing her husband and burying him within the premises of their residence in Karonda Tola village.

Initially, a missing person's complaint was registered after the victim, Mahesh Banawal, a lawyer, was reported missing on October 22. The incident unfolded after the victim's brother, Arjun Banawal, alleged that her sister-in-law, Pratima Banawal, was responsible for his death.

Interestingly, the accused woman went to the police station and filed a mission persons' complaint in order to avoid suspicion. She has been arrested and will be questioned.

"On October 22, a lawyer named Mahesh Banawal was reported missing. His brother had filed a report in this regard and a missing person' complaint was registered. The investigation was going on when we got a call from 100 from Arjun Banawal, the brother of the missing person saying that his sister-in-law killed him and buried him in the gallery of the house," Amarkantak police station in-charge Bhanu Pratap Singh said.

"The body was found after we dug it out from the gallery. We will be taking statements of those who are under the suspicion by the victim's family. We will also question the woman. A probe is underway as to why this incident took place," he added. (ANI)