Woman gets stuck in rubbish chute with only boobs sticking out of hatch

London, Jan 22 (ANI): A woman in Russia, who tried to dodge cops by jumping down a rubbish chute, got stuck halfway with only her boobs sticking out of the hatch.

The woman, known only as Angelika, 41, had fled when neighbours called cops about her singing and dancing in the buff on the balcony of her apartment block in Volgograd, Russia.

"She jumped down the rubbish chute to get away from the officers but she got stuck between the eighth and ninth floors," the Sun quoted police spokesman Dmitry Bondarev as saying.

"When we arrived we slid back the access hatch and the first thing we saw were her naked breasts sticking out," he added.

The incident was captured on camera and promptly posted on YouTube. (ANI)