Woman Gets Barred from Flight Because of 'Swollen Face'. Wait, What?

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A woman has said she was left stranded for hours in Spain after an airliner stopped her from boarding a flight back home to the United Kingdom over her swollen face. Ryanair staffers refused to allow Shannon Wotherspoon on a flight after she showed up for check-in with a puffed- up face due to a skin reaction, reports the Daily Record.

The nursing student had to board another flight after she was left stranded for hours at an airport in Alicante, Spain. “My skin was all puffy and when I arrived at check-in I flagged that up. The woman at the counter gave my passport a close examination and immediately started shaking her head,” the Daily Record quoted Wotherspoon as saying.

She added, “She also noticed a bit of water damage on the edges. She eventually asked a supervisor and I could see her shaking her head and saying I couldn’t fly. The issue wasn’t up for debate. The only positive advice I was given was that another airline might not be as fussy as Ryanair – and that turned out to be the case.”

Shannon said her IDs, including driving licence, had exactly the same photo as her passport, “so there was no doubt it was me.” “I had a valid ticket with them and they just basically cut me loose and didn’t care what happened to me. I was so angry about it.”

Shannon’s stepdad Stephen Cross said he was unable to understand how she was refused on the flight by Ryanair but allowed by British Airways. “Shannon was very scared and upset. She was left on her own, when she should have been travelling home with her friends,” he was quoted as saying.