Woman in Gaza recycles electronic devices to create “smart hat”

A woman from Gaza city has created a “smart hat” which can work as a small air conditioner for people who wear it.

Doaa Janina, a 36-year-old student at the College of Applied Sciences of Gaza, made a small air conditioner by recycling electronics such as computers and mobiles she collected.

Then she connected the air conditioner to a helmet, usually worn by construction workers. The “smart hat” is controlled through bluetooth on a mobile device.

The idea came to Janina when she witnessed a Palestinian young man injured in the head by an Israeli raid that targeted his house in 2008.

“The man suffered from a fractured skull, which forced him to stay at home to avoid being exposed to heat or cold,” she explained, adding that “I could not forget that sight and that pushed me to start this project.”

Janina believes that cancer patients can also benefit from the hat. “The cancer patient takes chemical treatments that increase the body temperature leading to hair loss, and the helmet can protect the patient from the heat.”

Now, Janina hopes that her idea will be picked up by a start-up company that would make mass-production possible.

“Gaza is full of creative, innovative and talented minds but they need to be provided with resources and moral support to ensure their success,” she added.

Poverty and unemployment have been preventing people from unleashing their creativity, according to Janina.

The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics said in a recent report that the unemployment rate among young people in the Gaza Strip reached 52 percent.

By arrangement with Xinhua news agency.