Woman Drops Airpod On Subway Tracks, Uses Most 'Jugaad' Way to Rescue It

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Luckily, the AirPod had sustained no damage in the fall.

A woman who had given up on her lost AirPod decided to make one last effort to retrieve her “little buddy” by using a broom and duct tape. And it worked.

“The AirPod fell out of my ear several feet away from the edge of the subway platform, but I’ve never seen anything more inevitable. RIP little buddy. Thanks for all the podcasts,” Ashley Mayer wrote on Twitter on July 9.

She also joked that, despite being “understandably shattered,” she was proud of herself for “not lunging after it and becoming the first ever AirPod-related subway death.”

In a series of tweets that have since gone viral, Mayer explained that after returning to the same platform the next night, she realized that her AirPod was still on the tracks.

“Omg you guys he’s still down there,” she tweeted on July 10. “I think I need to rescue him (Don’t worry I won’t jump down there.)”

Mayer then went to the store to gather supplies she would need for the rescue mission.

She ended up with a broom and duct tape and managed to retrieve her “little buddy” after waiting for the right time at the “super crowded platform.”

“He’s filthy but he’s mine (again)!” she exclaimed after the retrieval. “AirPod has been thoroughly cleaned and is now recharging (literally, figuratively). Please send thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.”

Luckily, the AirPod had sustained no damage in the fall.

“I dedicate this selfie to the germaphobes. (You may be onto something, guess we’ll see!)” Mayer captioned a photo of her wearing the AirPods. “Verdict: he’s working wonderfully.”