'I screamed': Real estate agent's 'creepy' discovery in basement

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A real estate agent said she literally screamed after making a “creepy” find in a house she was selling.

The woman, from the US state of West Virginia, shared photos of the home on Facebook.

“I see lots of weird and funny things in houses all the time but this is the first time I screamed out loud when opening the basement door,” she wrote.

Images show a statue of a boy seated in the basement.

A statue sits in a basement in a home in West Virginia.
A real estate agent said she screamed when she came across this statue in a basement. Source: Facebook

It seems the agent isn’t the only one spooked by its appearance either.

“That’s a nope from me,” one woman wrote.

Another woman added she didn’t blame the realtor for screaming.

“Yikes,” she wrote.


Another woman added she felt bad for laughing while another wrote: “I would have died”.

“I am way too jumpy to be opening doors in strange houses,” another wrote.

“Wouldn’t last a week.”

It’s not known what purpose the statue serves but some believe it’s a lawn ornament.

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