Woman Creates Different Versions of Herself as Birthday Party Guests During Lockdown Solitude

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The COVID-19 pandemic induced isolation and quarantine doesn't seem to end. Though many people have started going out again, many are still taking all possible precautions by avoiding large gatherings or meeting others.

While it can be difficult to isolate, it's even more annoying when there is a genuine cause for celebration and one cannot do it properly. But some people are taking the lemons this pandemic has thrown at them to make some fun lemonade — like throwing an isolation birthday party with multiple versions of yourself.

Shared on Reddit by user u/MissJinxed, this birthday party is rather special. Titled "Couldn't go out to celebrate my birthday during lockdown, so I threw a party for myself" is a photograph featuring a normal party scene in a living room. But you may want to look closely. All the "party" guests are various versions of the same girl, dressed in different attires, indulged in different "party" activities.

One "guest" in red dress is dancing on the windowsill, a couple of "guests" are seated on the floor, taking selfies. Each guest has a different personality, as you may expect to have in a large gathering of people. A girl in white top and maroon skirt is chugging wine straight out of the bottle. Another one, dressed in leopard print clothing and styled like an Instagram influencer, is taking a selfie.

Every party has at least one introvert who is kind of anti-social. That guest is seated with a full mask on, distanced from everyone, eyeing others with judgy looks. A "male guest" sits with a solo cup in his hand while a girl in maroon dress looks like to be hitting on him. This wholesome party picture has gathered over 129K upvotes!

"That one where you disguise yourself as a guy is next f****** level," wrote one user. But the OP replied it's not her but an actual guy.This is not the first time someone has thrown a photoshopped quarantine party.

User radesalvo31 shared his birthday party on Imgur with similar "guests." His party pictures are a lot more elaborate. There are games, birthday cake, and even a surprise entry of the birthday boy!