Woman Chops Off Husband’s Ears in Kolkata With Sister’s Help

Police found seven bodies, each with a bullet to the head, in three separate homes, and an eighth at a separate site. Many were killed in their sleep.

Kolkata: A woman allegedly chopped off her husband’s ears at gunpoint in Kolkata’s Narkeldanga area on Tuesday.

Tanveer, 20, told News18 that he was unhappy in the marriage and was trying to escape but he was caught by his wife, Mumtaz, and her sister. Together they chopped off his ears, he alleged.

The victim’s wife, who is double his age, is on the run. A senior police officer said they are trying to find what actually happened between the couple. “Things will be clear only with the arrest of Mumtaz,” the officer said.

Narrating his ordeal, Tanveer said that he was forced to marry Mumtaz by some of his friends and he had made several attempts to flee, but failed.

“My wife used to torture me mentally and physically and used to ask money from me. I told her that my family members are poor and they cannot afford her demands. But she was adamant and used to beat me,” he said.

He claimed that his mother even sold whatever property they had and requested Mumtaz to leave, but she still refused.

On learning about the incident, a large number of locals gathered in front of the Narkeldanga police station along with Tanveer’s family and lodged a complaint against Mumtaz and her sister.

Tanveer (20) is recuperating at home after being treated by doctors at Nil Ratan Sarkar Medical College and Hospital.