Woman with carload of groceries finds a closed road, officer carries bags a half mile to her home

Police officer Tyler Coady helps carry groceries a half mile to a woman’s home after her road had been closed. (Photo: Infonh via Facebook)

Police officers are public servants. At times people don’t realize the little things the police are able to help with. Did you know that if you’re locked out of your car, you don’t have to call a locksmith or AAA, which may cost money? You can call the police. After all, they’re there to serve.

Ideally, police are a community’s local helpers and protectors.

A sweet example of a cop rising to the occasion of being a public servant happened in Bow, N.H., on July 17. 

Police officer Tyler Coady was working at a fire scene after a local church had been struck by lightning. The road was shut down, so fire trucks and other emergency vehicles and personnel could quickly access the site, when a resident of the street arrived with a carload of groceries.

It’s July in New Hampshire; the weather is hot and humid. The resident wasn’t just worried about trying to get her groceries home; she was concerned about getting them back in time before they spoiled. On top of that, she is the mother of a baby.

Enter Officer Coady. He grabbed some of the woman’s bags and walked her home, about a half mile from where the road was blocked off, to ensure she and her groceries got home safely.

And thankfully, one photographer, Jeffrey Hastings, caught the incident on film.

Commenters on Facebook were certainly taken by the officer. Some commenters wrote, “Should be more like this guy,” and “Great Job done by the Bow Police officer …. Thank you for helping the resident out with her groceries , Great way to connect with the people of the community.”

One even wrote, “Is ‘Officer Tyler Coady’ single?”

So, what’s the scoop, Coady? You seeing anybody? We understand you’re here to serve and protect, but you know, singles want to know if you’re also here to woo.

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