Woman abused by mum after accusing kids of littering on train

A woman, who uses a mobility scooter, has filmed verbal abuse she received from children and their mother on a train.

Tanyalee Davis, a Canadian comedian who uses a mobility scooter due to dwarfism, shared video of the incident filmed on a train in Nottingham.

Tanyalee Davis, a Canadian comedian who uses a mobility scooter due to dwarfism, filmed children and their mother (right)  who she said abused her on a train. Source: YouTube/ Tanyalee Davis

A girl, standing with a bag, throws a box on the floor.

“Alright, you can just litter all you want,” Ms Davis says.

“Be rude to everybody, I can videotape you.”

The pair argue, and the girl asks her to stop videotaping.

The woman claims the rubbish didn’t come from the kids and begins filming Davis while accusing her of being a paedophile. Source: YouTube/ Tanyalee Davis

“Well, don’t throw stuff on the floor and kick it on my scooter,” Davis says.

Another child intervenes, telling Davis to stop filming.

“Look at you,” the girl says.

“Look at the size of your leg. Dwarf.”

A woman, claiming to be the children’s mother, corrals the kids further up the carriage.

One of the kids is seen giving the finger.

“Report her when we get off,” the woman says, referring to Davis.

Canadian comedian Tanyalee Davis was born with dwarfism and needs a scooter to get around Source: YouTube/ Tanyalee Davis

The woman then approaches Davis and begins abusing her.

“Don’t record other children,” she says.

“It’s classified as paedophile if you record other people’s children.”

“When they’re being very obnoxious and kicking their trash – look at the mess around here,” Davis says.

The woman disputes Davis’s claim the mess was left by the kids.

“That’s not my concern,” the woman says.

“My concern is you’re recording children – my children.”

Davis claims the kids told her to “f-off”.


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The woman then claims Davis called the kids “abnormal”, which she disputes.

They continue to argue before the woman begins filming Davis on her phone and calls her a “paedophile b****”.

“You’re going on YouTube, you’re going on Facebook, you’re going on Instagram, you’re going on Snapchat,” the woman says.

The woman then exits the carriage calling Davis a “b****”.

Davis later added she reported the incident to British Transport Police who are investigating.

She hopes sharing the video will educate others on the bullying and abuse little people endure.

Viewers labelled the woman’s behaviour as “vile” and “extremely rude”.

“I’m not proud to call myself English anymore,” one viewer wrote.

“Keep up with what you are doing Tanya because I am on your side.”