Woah! Amazon selling ‘natural’ coconut shells for ‘just’ Rs 1400

FE Online

There are lot many things you could find on Amazon ranging from as mundane as a toothbrush to as high-end as smartphones to everyday furniture. Now, some of them could be knick-knacks for while some – just plain weird.

But as the internet retail giant gets comfortable in a diverse country like India and its cultural nuances, the company still has a long way to go to really understand its beat. Take the recent toilet covers fiasco for example.

But sometimes, some products are truly hilarious. This time, it s a coconut shell. Yep! Amazon is selling a coconut shell for Rs 3,000 and now for coconut connoisseurs , there is a discount too. You can buy it for just Rs 1365.

The seller Century Novelty on Amazon dubbed it as Natural Coconut Shell Cup and of course it comes with a warning – This is an actual, real, coconut. Therefore, it may have cracks, dents and imperfections.

When IPS officer Rema Rajeshwari spotted it, she posted the screenshot of the product on social media, leaving Indians on Twitter in shock. In India, the fruit is usually priced at Rs 40 and in the southern parts of the country, especially, the fruit is a staple. Now, the picture has gone viral on social media with Indians admittedly shocked whether they should be having a laugh and rue their lost opportunity to be very very rich. Take a look.

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