'Wives for hire' offer massage services at home in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, February 4 (ANI): Some women in Malaysia are offering men massage services at home, while their husband takes care of their children according to a reported.

According to Metro Ahad, which reported about the service under the heading "Wives for hire," when a customer comes at the house, the husband and children of the woman would stay in another room or in the kitchen until the job is done.

It is understood that there is a mutual agreement between the wife and her husband that sex would not be on the menu, the Star Online reported.

But it is learned that some customers would not take no for an answer and desperate housewives, more often than not, would oblige.

Two women, Suraya, 40, and Maya, 29, interviewed by the paper revealed they earned an average RM70 per massage session, "which helps to make ends meet".

Some generous men even give them as much as RM120.

Suraya told a reporter her husband takes care of the children while she's at work. (ANI)