Without a Mask, Standing Too Close? Be Ready to Lose Rs 1,000 at Mumbai Airport Now

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Mumbai airport has started imposing a spot fine of Rs 1,000 from April 1 on the passengers violating the mandatory Covid-19 safety protocol in the wake of aviation regulator director DGCA warning last week amid an increasing number of coronavirus infection cases in Maharashtra and some other states, according to a statement on Saturday.

After it found passengers at some airports flouting the mandatory COVID-19 safety protocols during the routine surveillance, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) had advised airports to explore the option of taking stricter actions, such as slapping fine on the people violating such rules at the premises.

Basis the directive issued by the DGCA, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) will levy a fine on any individual found violating the mandatory Covid-19 safety protocols at the airport with effect from April 1. A fine of Rs 1000 will be issued to individuals who refuse to comply with COVID safety norms such as wearing face masks that covers the nose and mouth and maintaining social distancing amongst others at the airport, the private airport operator said in the statement.

As part of its SOP for the resumption of domestic flights in May last year, CSMIA had placed guidelines on safety practices across the airport in the form of physical and digital boards. Besides this, regular announcements are made through the airport PA system as well as by on-ground marshals encouraging passengers to follow safety precautions during their journey through the airport, it said. With the latest directive from the DGCA, these marshals will now levy fines on any individual who refuses to comply with requests to follow safety protocols established in the wake of the pandemic. In the event of further non-compliance, the violator will be handed over to the authorities for further action, CSMIA said.