Without food for 3 days at Delhi-UP border, migrants share ordeal

New Delhi [India], May 17 (ANI): The tall claims of government and the authorities concerned have fallen flat in Delhi-NCR. A group of around 25 migrant labourers have been without food, water and other basic amenities for the last three days. Nor they are being allowed to go to their respective villages.

"I and many others with me in the group have not had food and water for the last three days. We are desperate to go to our villages in Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh. We were stopped here. Children have not eaten anything. What I can do," Sunita, a migrant labourer, told ANI.

According to her, they were stopped at the border today while going to their village. "We have not eaten food for the last three days. We will die of hunger, if not of coronavirus," she said.

She questioned the authorities: "If you are stopping us, then please arrange a bus or some transport for all of us to go to our village in Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh."

Rajesh, another migrant labourer, said the government had claimed to have made elaborate arrangements for all of them. "But we all are without food and water. There are small kids in the group. How will they survive without food," Rajesh told ANI.

"As there is no food, water and other basic necessities for our survival here, we decided to go to our native place Hardoi," added Rajesh, while pleading for help.

The police at the Delhi-Noida border were not letting us go. They are also not providing food and other basic facilities, he said.

"If we won't die of coronavirus, then we may die of hunger and starvation," he said.

"We all request the government and administration and other concerned authorities to help us and please allow us to go to our places," added Sunita. (ANI)