The Witch Hunt: Photographer Victoria Krundysheva tells you 'how to spot a witch' through her lens [PHOTOS]

Sushmita Sen
The Witch Hunt, Victoria Krundysheva

The world has been fighting for women empowerment for a long time, but complete success still feels like a distant dream. There are still places in the world where progressive, opinionated women, often fighting for their rights, are accused of having "special powers," and labelled as witches. They are often burnt to death, stoned or drowned in the water.

Photographer Victoria Krundysheva has captured those "witches" through her lens. The powerful pictures will show how those women or "witches" have stood up for themselves and live by their own rules.

She has not only shared her views with her photography but also started a campaign known as #CallMeβ***h.

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She says that it's time to call out all those who call you a "β***h" for not following their idea of what a woman should be, for being strong, ambitious and independent.

Take a look at the pictures through which she tells you how to spot a "witch":

1. "Witch often looks confident and is not afraid of her sexuality, she will wear bright colours and attract attention."

The Witch Hunt

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2. "You can spot them with a book or attempting to have intellectual conversations...what an abomination."

The Witch Hunt

3. "They are peculiar and may not behave in a usual feminine fashion. The easiest way — throw something disgusting on them — if they are not afraid — you have found a witch."

The Witch Hunt

4. "Witches are often free minded and free spirited — these are the most dangerous kinds — they can't be tamed and need to be instantly eradicated."

The Witch Hunt

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5. "They voice their opinion out women can have one..."

The Witch Hunt

6. "They stick to each other and support each's easy to detect because we all know there is no such thing as female friendship."

The Witch Hunt

7. "They are not afraid of darkness and are readily facing fears — they think it makes them stronger...but that's because they are evil themselves."

The Witch Hunt

8. "You need to know — they don't drown, so be on lookout for women who even after you threw them in the water and pushed them under are still emerging, stronger than before."

The Witch Hunt

"Once you have spotted a witch, make sure you take immediate action — scream as loud as you can, call them names, let everybody know who they are. Don't mind throwing not just words, but stones, threaten them and cut them off any support. Ganging up on one of them is the best success strategy."

The Witch Hunt

To see more art work of the photographer Victoria Krundysheva, check out her Instagram handle.

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