'Wish' wins main event


A. Vatsalya-trained Kohinoor Wish won the 1,400m Mysore Race Club Cup, in Hyderabad, on Sunday. The following are the winers with inter-state dividends:

1st race: Staying The Best; Win Rs 16; 2nd race: Kohinoor Wish; Win Rs 22; 3rd race: Molla; 4th race: Asta La Vista Babe; Win Rs 333; 4th race: Ocean Side; Win Rs 33; 6th race: Mr Khoashteep; Win Rs 34; 7th race: Chitrangada; Win Rs 80. Jackpot: Rs 7,630 (Carried over).

Treble: (i) Rs 2,540 (Carried over); (ii) Rs 4,520 (Carried over).


12.40pm: Dandelion 1. Ray Of Hope 2. Fenway Court 3. 1.10pm: Fastest Finger 1. Fearless Moments 2. 1.40pm: Power Drive 1. True Haven 2. Promotion 3. 2.10pm: Smart Striker 1. Cherry Hill 2. Lady Luck 3.

2.40pm: Specialist 1. Snow Bird 2. Sweety Girl 3. 3.15pm: Montpelier 1. Kohinoor Destin 2. Handsome Hunk 3. 3.45pm: Homely Helo 1. Commanche Gold 2. Ashleen State 3.

4.15pm: Fortunate 1. Maharadhi 2. Cascading Glory 3. 4.50pm: Desert Bloom 1. True Friend 2. True Scholar 3.

Day's Best: Fortunate Double: Dandelion and Specialist.