'Wish Indians Were Baggage!': Twitter Hails 'Polite' Luggage That Wait for Others to Pass


Imagine when luggage are better mannered than humans, especially when it comes to waiting patiently and make way for the other person.

A recent video from Singapore's Changi Airport has gone viral, which shows the 'polite' behaviour of the luggage appearing for the conveyor belt.

The video shows the algorithm of the belt been built in such a way that the luggage know exactly when to stop and proceed, to avoid bumping onto each other.

The video, which reads, 'Singapore’s Changi airport - where the baggage is polite, has manners' was tweeted by @AgBioWorld and it garnered more than 28000 retweets and 51000 likes.

Netizens took to the micro-blogging site expressing their amusement at the manners, while many compared it with airports having the similar technology.