Wise Wikipedia Schools 'Rebel Teen' Twitter on 13th Birthday with 'Mystical' Edit Button Joke

Wishing Twitter in a thread, Wikipedia revealed several interesting factoids and trivia about the micro blogging site that turned 13 on Thursday.

As Twitter turned thirteen-years-old on Thursday, Wikipedia took to the micro-blogging site to express it's wishes. but id did so in true Wikipedia-style and also trolled Twitter light-heartlessly as as 'senior'.

In a thread posted by the online encyclopedia giant, it relayed a number of trivia points about Twitter such as its date of founding, the day the character limit was removed, the number of days since the Gotham font came into effect and other such factoids.

The thread was so good that even Twitter couldn't help but respond. "Love that you know us so well", the company write in a comment.

However, with experience on its side, it did not take long for Wikipedia to come up with the perfect repartee. Calling Twitter a rebellious teen at 13, Wikipeda asked, "Do you take advice from old fogies like Wikipedia? We could teach you about the mystical "edit button"..."

The comment had Twitterati cracking up and bowing to Wikipedia for the ultimate burn. Even Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales responded to Twitter's comment. "We know everything," he wrote.

The hilarious banter has garnered many responses on Twitter, especially the barb about the edit button which many users have been asking vociferously asking for over the years.