Winter coat styles that will always be trendy

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Winter coat styles that will always be trendy
Winter coat styles that will always be trendy

31 Jan 2021: Winter coat styles that will always be trendy

Winter is the time to unleash your inner fashion beast.

Fashion-wise, there are so many options in this season that if you play your cards right, your style game will be right up there.

While sweaters, turtlenecks, and sweatshirts make up for the major chunk of winter wear, coats are the fashion pieces that make you look stylish.

Here are some trendy coat ideas.

Oversized blazers: Oversized blazers have gone from boring to chic

Blazers started out as a symbol of power and are considered the go-to formal wear.

However, designers adapted them into casual wear and introduced a huge color palette instead of the usual black and navy.

Oversized or boyfriend blazers were the next thing and have become chic winter wear. Beige, light grey, and teal are some colors to go for.

Puffers: Puffer jackets and coats are a must-have

Puffers, both jackets and coats, are essential in cold climates, especially in places where the temperature drops to extreme lows.

However, this winter clothing doesn't need to be boring. In the recent decade, there has been a rise in fashionable puffer jackets and coats.

For example, beige puffer coats look really good on neutral turtlenecks. Black puffer jackets on casual wear look great, too.

Cape coats: Cape coats are the combination of regal and comfort

Cape coats not only look dignified and regal, but they are insanely comfortable as well. Wearing a cape coat can be a bit like wearing a stylish, yet comfortable blanket.

In recent years, the coat has become popular among celebrities, including popular figures Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Kate Middleton.

These stylish coats are popular in lighter shades like white and sky blue.

Plaid jackets: Plaid jackets are the quintessential winter style

Plaid jackets are very common during winters. Available in many hues, this trend has been here for a long time.

The best part about these jackets is that they look good with almost anything. They can even complement your sweat pants.

For a classy look, you can pair a light-colored plaid jacket with a white turtleneck and high waist pants.

Trench coats: Trench coats can make you look highly fashionable

What started out as a raincoat for the British military has transitioned into fashionable winter wear.

Trench coats are increasingly becoming an essential wardrobe item for everyone. This weather-proof and lightweight style can be worn with anything - jeans, dresses, or skirts.

If you don't already own one, this is the time to invest in one. Go for neutral colors preferably.

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