Did You Know PV Sindhu Is Also an MBA Student?

Sindhu had suffered a sprain on her right ankle while practicing at the Gopichand Academy on Tuesday.

A World Championship at the age of 18, a doctorate at 19, and an Olympic medal at 21. PV Sindhu pretty much has all the silverware that she could dream of when she started perusing badminton professionally at the age of 14.

But there is still something more she wants to add to her CV, and it has nothing to do with badminton.

A graduate with a B Com degree, Sindhu, currently ranked number 5 in the world, is just one month short of obtaining her MBA degree.

PV SindhuI did my graduation in B Com and my mother and sister helped me a lot. After that, I decided to do an MBA and now I am in my second year. I give my final papers in April and if all goes well, I will be an MBA graduate soon.

Speaking to The Quint on the sidelines of India’s biggest badminton tournament, the Yonex Sunrise Indian Open, Sindhu revealed that before she took on badminton full time, she was aces with the books as well.

PV SindhuStudies have always been important to me. I have continued to pursue my education while following my dreams in badminton. In fact, I’ve managed to not drop a year or fail until now. Till the 7th, I used to top my class, and after that, when I started concentrating on badminton, I would still manage well. 

An honorary doctorate from the Chennai Vels University, Sindhu said she decided to pursue an MBA after her college, St Ann’s College for Women in Mehdipatnam, simply suggested the course to her.

PV SindhuMy college has been very helpful. I go to college often, but I don’t tell people when I do. I go after classes or during when classes are on, and sit down with the professors to study the theory subjects.

What use does she have for the degree though I asked? ‘Who knows, when I stop playing badminton, maybe the MBA will come in handy someday,” is her parting answer.