Wine Company Designs Eco-Friendly and 'Flat' Bottles That Fit Through Mail Boxes

The wine isn't flat but the bottle sure is.

In an attempt to give back to the planet, a wine company int the United Kingdom has introducing one-of-its-kind flat wine bottles made entirely out of recycled material.

Garcon Wines, a London based company, has redefined the traditionally round, tall and heavy wine bottles made of glass by designing a chic, lighter model that is not just environment-friendly but also cost-effective. Since flat bottles can be stacked one on top of the other, the And the best part? It's sleek enough to be slipped in through the slot in the mail box.

The unique shape of the bottles allows manufacturers to cut down on transport costs, hence making it a cheaper option than traditional bottles. The recycled plastic bottles are nearly 87 percent lighter than their glass counterparts. the bottle also cut carbon emissions by 60 percent.

Founder of garcon Wines, Santiago Navarro, told EuroNews that the shift toward more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions within the wine industry was a recent one. "'We were trying to use a 19th century vessel in a 21st century world. Most wine companies don't think about the packaging, they just take what has been around and inherit it. It's an antiquated model" Navarro said.

He added that at a time when people were trying to move away from plastic, he had managed to use recycled plastic to create something that helps the planet.