After a Year in The Wild, Contestants Find Out TV Show Was Canned

The show was cancelled due to poor ratings but the producers did not inform the contestants.

Twenty-three total strangers entered the Scottish reality show “Eden” and went into the wilderness to set up a ‘civilisation’. Their project was to continue for a year except, due to low ratings the show was taken off air last year. But, the producers did not inform the contestants, as Times of India reported.

Last week, 10 of them emerged from the wild to learn that apart from Brexit and Donald Trump becoming president, their show has not been telecasted for months.

The show had 4 episodes aired on UK’s Channel 4, in which they had to rebuild civilisation from scratch as they were accompanied by a camera crew to document them in the Scottish Highlands.

By September of 2016, most of the initial contestants had quit the show citing bullying by other members, being too hungry or just feeling that the show wasn’t going to be what they signed up for.

However, Channel 4 has promised to air the remaining episodes to showcase their efforts, just not in the manner that was originally planned.

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