Wife Says No to FIFA, Friends Carry a Cut-Out of Him to Russia

Just when we thought that the FIFA spirit couldn’t get any crazier, we bumped into this:

A group of fans with an almost life-size cut-out of one of their friends.

According to ‘Your Morning’, six friends from Mexico had been planning a visit to Russia to witness live the FIFA World Cup 2018. However, one of them backed out because his wife did not want him to go. This is when the group decided to carry along a cut-out of the husband, so that he does not miss out on any of the action!

If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, they decided to take a step further. They dressed the cut-out in a t-shirt that reportedly said, “My wife didn’t let me go.” They uploaded photos of them carrying around the cut-out on a Facebook page. And now, to no one’s surprise, the pictures are all over the internet.

From drinking beer to posing with football fans, they kept the Facebook page updated with all their activities.

With so much going on, Twitter couldn’t stay shut either:

Not in Body, But in Spirit?

Just like me, are you too wondering what his wife has to say?

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