Wife of IAF officer killed in crash demands answers

At Squadron Leader Samir Abrol's home. (Express photo by Gajendra Yadav)

The wife of Squadron Leader Samir Abrol, who died in a plane crash last week, Sunday expressed her anguish at not knowing how the incident took place and demanded answers from the authorities concerned.

Samir and his co-pilot, Squadron Leader Siddharth Negi (31), were killed after their Mirage 2000 crashed during a testing sortie in Bengaluru's old HAL Airport.

Not wanting the death of her husband to be just another statistic, Garima Abrol told The Indian Express: "I have so many questions in my mind. I do not see any answers. They keep telling me that there is a court of enquiry, but what will come of that? We can't keep waiting, we want to know what exactly happened… from past records in such cases, I have seen that nothing special happens."

On her Facebook page, Garima wrote, "My husband was a proud Indian and I loved sending him off to serve the nation with a morning cup of tea and a head held high. Every soldier's wife's biggest fear in life is when her husband would be called to the frontline and serve in an active war. I too had this fear. Many times, I woke up crying after having one such bad dream… But Samir would hold me, console me and tell me… that is the ultimate purpose of his job. How many more of these pilots have to give up their life to shake you up and make you realise there is something really wrong in the system?"

Garima said that IAF officers have been constantly in touch with her and they are doing everything possible. "We all know what the questions are. I want the media to find out the answers. The government should find out who is accountable…," she said.