Wife and toddler killed in 'crime of passion’

NEW DELHI: A toddler was among two people killed in the capital on Thursday afternoon during a bloody quarrel between two women over an alleged extra- marital affair. Two others were grievously injured in the incident that took place in West Delhi’s Moti Nagar.

According to neighbours, it all started around 2.50 pm when Reena Taneja, the other casualty of the altercation, arrived at the house of Sudesh Kumar, a married woman she suspected of having an affair with her husband Manoj, to confront her.

Sudesh, whose husband Anil Kumar is the chief of corporate communications at a leading English daily and a close aide of BJP MP Chandan Mitra, was at home with her toddler son Aarav and daughter at the time.

Call for help

A few minutes later, eyewitnesses recalled, Sudesh’s daughter — bleeding from a knife wound on her stomach — came to the balcony and signaled them for help.

Sudesh’s neighbour Sunita Khurana recalled: “ I was sitting with some other women of the locality in a house in front of Sudesh’s. Around 2.50 pm, I saw her daughter enter the balcony, blood oozing out of her stomach.

We rushed to the house when she signaled us to come to her house. The door was opened by Sudesh, who had a knife stuck in her waist.

She was bleeding profusely.” She added: “ When we went inside, we saw her son lying face- down in a pool of blood.

He was already dead. Then we went to another room and found a dead woman with her throat slit. Sudesh’s daughter was lying unconscious in the balcony.” Explaining what possibly transpired in the room, a police officer said: “ A scuffle ensued after Reena came to Sudesh’s house, during which one of them fished out a knife and attacked the other.

It is not yet clear who attacked whom, as one of the women is dead and the other is not in a condition to give a statement.

We will be able to ascertain the exact sequence of events only after we record the statement of the victims.” According to police sources, a blood- soaked paper found on the spot said Manoj was responsible for the episode.

They also hinted that Sudesh initiated the attack and slit Reena’s throat.

Probe begins Sudesh and her daughter are currently admitted in AIIMS. The police have filed a murder case and are investigating the case.