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WIEN, AUSTRIA – The world is getting faster and digitalization is advancing. Due to the smartphone, every user always has his or her own little encyclopedia at hand and can look for and generate information at lightning speed. This digital boom has also reached the restaurant industry. According to a recent survey by the market research institute Splendid Research, 62% of consumers get information about restaurants on online rating portals. It almost seems as if the feedback generated by users is replacing the classic advertising by companies. On the one hand, it seems more authentic, on the other hand it is always up to date.

Fact is by spreading information from users, their friends become aware of the restaurant. Not only classic advertising, but also the personal word-of-mouth is replaced by social media and rating platforms. Often, people do not ask others for their opinion before visiting a restaurant but instead check out Google or TripAdvisor ratings. So how do you encourage consumers to leave a serious rating after they visited a restaurant and counter the trend of artificially generated ratings? is the answer to this question

Now it is important to make the most of this potential. This is the task ontopo has set itself. The idea is simple and outstanding at the same time: The gastronome gets small displays with QR codes, which are placed on the tables. After a visit to the restaurant, the consumer scans this QR code on his smartphone and evaluates the restaurant and the visit. A chat, which was developed by artificial intelligence and guides through the evaluation according to the latest technology. As a thank you, a gift is served directly on the table. This can vary depending on the restaurant and is usually a free drink. So not only the customer benefits, but especially the restaurateur gets a serious online evaluation. And this should not be underestimated: An authentic valuation is worth 10-30 € in today’s age. So, the idea is simple, transparent and modern at the same time.

Package is adapted to the needs

Overall, there are several models of the product, tailored to the needs of the customer. Included are always the creation of individual displays with the company logo, the QR Code generation, the creation and management of a customer file and e-mail marketing campaigns. Starting with the “Medium” model, even analysis and readjustment are included. The customer is from the initial conversation to the signing of the contract looked after by a sales partner. Of course she or he can always turn to him or her whenever something is unclear. If there are any questions or uncertainties, someone is always available.

Innovative crisis model guarantees full security during the COVID-19 crisis

It should be noted that the economy is currently in a drastic crisis. Many restaurant owners and retail operators are deciding to save on their marketing budgets because it is uncertain how long the recession will last. The young entrepreneurs of have come up with something very special for this uncertain situation: You can now test the product for 30 days free of charge. If there is no cancellation during this period, the contract will be automatically extended. “This is a unique system, which differentiates us from our competitors”, says Sales Manager Harry Holzinger, “It guarantees customers maximum security with full use.”

Win-win situation

The product itself does not only bring benefits to the gastronomy industry, but also to small and medium-sized businesses. This includes customer acquisition and an improved online presence. With more positive ratings, the individual restaurants also achieve a better ranking on portals such as TripAdvisor. Thus, they are easier to find for new customers. All in all, consumers are motivated to rate their visit and afterwards receive a friendly gesture. In addition, waiting times such as those for the bill are optimally bridged.

Exciting future prospects

One may remain curious! Since its foundation in April 2020, a lot has already happened. You can already see the displays with QR code in numerous stores and coffee shops. Whether on Mariahilferstraße, in the city center of Vienna or in outlying districts. The customers of the product are satisfied, because since then the online ratings have multiplied. In short: With this product, a company appears more tangible, more authentic and attracts more customers. And we all profit from it!

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