Why WWE is bringing back legends for Saudi Arabia show?


Bengaluru, May 13: The news of Goldberg coming back for Saudi Arabia show came out of nowhere for the WWE Universe which was actually supposed to make them glad. However, the overall feedback is not positive judging by the response from social media. The modern-day fans may not be pleased to see him return alongside the other two returnees The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.
However, that will not stop WWE from inserting these names into marquee matches for Saudi Arabia shows. One of the major reasons to bring back the trio as soon as Wrestlemania is over is to give a boost to WWE TV ratings. Monday Night Raw is constantly clashing with NBA playoffs causing a significant drop in viewership. So WWE management had to counter this problem no matter what.
As reported by Dave Meltzer on the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE is hell-bent on pulling back the viewership of Monday Night Raw to a stable stage. The company had no better way than to let the old guards take over the show despite the young fans' opinion. Names like The Undertaker, Brock Lesnar and Goldberg are still marketable than top superstars of this generation.

Hence, Meltzer predicted that they should be appearing on Raw and SmackDown in the weeks leading up to the June 7th Saudi Arabia shows,
"I think if they build it up, if they get before the Saudi show they'll probably have a show where they bring in Undertaker, Lesnar, and Goldberg to television. I think that maybe that will help for like a week or two."
Another reason to hire Goldberg even if it seemed that his wrestling pro-wrestling career ended for good following WWE Hall of Fame induction. WrestlingINC.com carried a report citing Wrestling Observer Newsletter which hinted that WWE was worried that the legendary name might sign with All Elite Wrestling. Vince McMahon still considers him as a bankable name 'who could potentially bring back lapsed fans if he were to work with AEW.'
So the Chairman of the WWE had to stop Goldberg from surrendering himself to another billionaire Toni Khan (owner of AEW). There is still no update on whether the former WCW marquee star is booked for only one match in Saudi Arabia. But if WWE intends to keep him away from the rival brand then they have to come up with a long-term deal, (courtesy wrestlingINC.com)
"The Saudi shows usually bring a big payday to the wrestlers, as high as seven figures for some, but the fact that Goldberg rarely wrestles says a lot. There's no word yet on if Goldberg's deal is just for the Saudi show, or for more dates, but WWE could have made a strong offer to Goldberg if they are serious about keeping him away from AEW."

Rumors are already running rampant that Goldberg, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar may continue to work throughout the summer of 2019 to boost Raw and Smackdown TV ratings. Drops in viewership in WWE TV has been a major topic of discussion in pro wrestling circles. The trio may provide a short-term solution for it.

As per our view, WWE should immediately focus on proper utilization of the younger superstars in main event capacity to receive a permanent remedy to the problem. Whether they do it, we have to wait and see.

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