Why Should You Write a Book?

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When you want to create a book, you have a message to convey. It is believed that one can make a contribution to the edifice of this world through his words.

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You might want to write a book for these reasons:

I have a lot of imagination

Your ideas and imaginative musings are constantly flowing through your mind. Complicated scenarios, portraits of fascinating characters, intractable investigations.

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Your brain is teeming with a thousand ideas and a thousand imaginary worlds.

And you need to channel them.

Convinced of your creative potential or of having found the good idea for a novel, you very logically want to share it with readers.

And you must. You never know who picks up the motivation from your work.

I am an expert in a field

Are you a specialist in gardening, cooking, marketing, education or personal development? In this case, it is normal that you want to share your knowledge throughout America and even beyond.

The practical or didactic manuals have much success in bookstores and are among the bestselling books.

I have a story…

You may have experienced a historic, very rare or even miraculous event. You want to leave a testimony of your time or your unusual destiny.

Perhaps you have also lived a more ordinary existence, but you want to pass it on to those around you to preserve your memory.

Sometimes, creating a book is also a childhood dream that you want to manifest in your adulthood. However, not everyone can claim to be a writer.

I mean, not to judge anyone here. But there is a certain flair of writing that engages the people and makes them want to recommend this read to their friends.

And so, you might want to create a book without writing a single line because you think:

I have no literary talent

The main reason people don't want to do their book project is because they don't see themselves as writers. Writing a story is a talent that is not reserved for everyone, and it is far from the essays we all wrote in college.

[Not everyone is a writer, but not everyone has to be a writer to tell a story.]

It takes real literary and stylistic skills, as well as strong spelling and grammar skills. It's okay to admit that you just don't have the makings of a novelist or author.

I don't have time to write

Time is money! You have surely heard this maxim before. All kidding aside, it is true that writing a book takes a long time.

You could set yourself the challenge of creating a book in 100 days, but you might not be able to find the time for it. Between work, family and play, it's hard to block an hour a day to write a book.

Bottom Line: Type Away

If you have a story, an idea, or just a crude imagination, you must find a way to channel it. You might not grasp the idea of having someone engage with what you have to say. But there is a market for every story.

Your reasons for writing a book might be entirely different than what we have outlined above.

And in that case, do let us know.

We would love to hear about your motives to pen down a book.

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