Why working from home is overrated?

Are you waiting for the day when you will sit in your Pajamas and work around your ways with the office?

Or dreaming of multi-tasking while taking care of your work?

Are you dying to work from home?

Then you need to have a reality check before actually endingup in your Pajamas and skipping breakfast almost every day

This is Now You Know and, in this video, we are going tobust myths about working from home;

1. Once up in the morning, the work is done

This is an absolute No! Working from home would mean gettingup 9ish scratching your head and tummy and finding it difficult to reach yourworking corner. Breakfast is already off the list and before you will realizeit will already be 12 leaving you with brunch as the only option. Of course,you can imagine the pace of the day from here on.

2. Distractions are at a bay

Again, a No! Yes, office distractions are gone but home isanother world with its own set of calls and cries. Think of maid ringing thebell followed by milkman, courier guy, wrong flat bells, your kids nagging you everynow and then and calls from mom or dad asking if you were working.

3. Motivation

Stayed motivated sitting in the corner of your home may geta little tough. You will have to put in everything inside you to keep up and beproductive. And please, let that social media barrier be set for heaven's sake.

4. Taking a break

Why do you need a break when you already are enjoying one?Is what you will get to hear when asking for a break. Of course, you wereworking, but from home they why need a break?

If you still think this is your space, then there is nobetter place than home.

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