Why We’re Tripping On Raj Koothrappali aka Kunal Nayyar Today

There’s a certain pull to Raj Koothrappali’s smile that tugs at your heartstrings every time it lights up your TV screen. Innocent and unsuspecting, Raj manages to keep us hooked to The Big Bang Theory. He is the lovable dork who starts off as the shy geek unable to talk to women and gradually comes into his own with a certain charm that makes him stand out.

Behind all of this is Kunal Nayyar, the desi kalakaar in Hollywood , who’s brought Rajesh Koothrappali to life. The Punjabi munda has quite a few projects to his name like The Mindy Project, Sanjay And Craig and Dr. Cabbie. Since he is best known as Raj Koothrappali, we found quite a few reasons to indulge in The Big Bang Theory reruns on Nayyar’s 36th birthday.

We’re tripping on Raj’s wide-eyed love for everything he feels attached to, whether it be his dog ‘Cinnamon’ whom he doesn’t let out of his sight or his love for Siri. While his love for prom and Sandra Bullock keeps him inspired, his bromance with Howard keeps us addicted. His drunk banter made up for all the times he was mum and he taught us that sex isn’t in fact, like riding a bike.

He is the enthu-cutlet who keeps his friends together and his audiences in splits. We wish him endless sober dates and a hearty love life!