Why you should toss out makeup products on time?

Meera Venugopal
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Why you should toss out makeup products on time?
Why you should toss out makeup products on time?

21 Mar 2021: Why you should toss out makeup products on time?

Most of us spend a bomb on beauty and skincare products and the idea of tossing them away before finishing the last bit can be disappointing.

However, it is important to know that these makeup essentials are usually made up of several ingredients that can do more harm than good if used beyond a certain span of time.

Here's everything you should know.

Expiry date: Your favorite beauty essentials expire faster than you think

While mascara has a shelf life of only 3-6 months, eyeliner and lip pencils can usually be used for about 2 years.

Meanwhile, it is best to toss away your foundation and concealer within a year of opening it.

Lipsticks and lip glosses typically last for about two years, but if the product label suggests a faster expiry, be sure to follow it.

Unopened items: Expiry dates indicated on labels applicable to opened products

The expiry dates indicated on the labels are applicable to opened products.

Thus not knowing the expiry of unopened products can get quite confusing.

If stored in a cool, dry place, most unopened makeup lasts for 2 to 3 years.

However, products that have creamy and liquid textures like say lipsticks can expire earlier than expected, as they can turn rancid.

Effects: What happens when you use makeup past its expiry date?

You may have noticed that some of your makeup products have turned dry and crumbly.

Those could be expired products!

Any makeup item beyond its expiry date can be a warehouse of harmful bacteria and fungi. This can cause skin irritations and lead to acne, rashes, staph, and eye infections.

It's crucial to avoid expired eye products, as they can cause harmful infections.

Skincare products: Skincare and natural products have shorter shelf lives

Skincare products such as serums that come with a dropper are frequently exposed to air and bacteria and should be thrown away after 9 months.

Natural products that do not use preservatives or skincare items that have active ingredients like retinol should never be used past expiry.

Sunscreens, too, have a shorter shelf life, and should not be used past their expiry date.